Life as an imperfect greenie

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Recently my boyfriend was asked to describe me.  “She loves recycling” he loudly proclaimed.  My defining feature was not being a scientist, dancer, coffee snob, foodie or animal lover (all of which are true) but a recycler.

This got me thinking.  I really do think recycling is important.  It may sound corny, but I do love our planet.  I love the animals, the Australian bush (the treed kind as opposed to the hairy kind) and the ocean and I’m pretty keen to do my bit to make sure these things outlast me.

But I’m far from perfect.  Of course I recycle and compost, but I find it difficult to always make good decisions that reduce packaging in the first place.  I make a few of my own beauty products – but I can’t live without store-bought mascara.  I rarely remember (or have the forethought to organise) my own containers when I buy take-away (take out) food.  But I do feel guilty about it!  Worst of all, I’m considering reproducing which will probably be the biggest environmental impact of my life.

I read zero waste blogs and feel both inspired and guilty.  I know I will never live a zero waste life.  Zero waste is crazy difficult.  I really admire people with the strength to completely overhaul their life and commit to zero waste – they are serious superheros.


Myself, I’m more human and instead of beating myself up for my failings and imperfections, I want to share and celebrate successes.

This is a space for me to share my imperfect journey of waste reduction.  Together we can imperfectly take care of our beautiful planet.

Love Sarah



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