New years reflections and goals

New Year’s is a time for reflection and setting goals (sounds a bit more achievable than resolutions).   This blog starts part of the way through my waste reduction journey so I thought I’d share my successes and failures for 2016 and plans for 2017.


I started using:

  1. My new big compost bin religiously
  2. Worm poo farm
  3. Council green bin – super excited that my council started providing this service. Great for larger things that I can shred or fit in my compost bin
  4. Solid shampoo
  5. Menstrual cup
  6. Washable cotton menstrual panty liners
  7. Washable cotton kitchen cloths
  8. Washable cotton face scrubbies
  9. Cotton bread bags
  10. Cotton veggie bags – or no bag if it isn’t needed
  11. A living xmas tree
  12. A soda stream – a huge reduction in plastic bottles needing to be recycled
  13. Bamboo toothbrushes
  14. Bamboo and cotton ear buds
  15. Safety razor rather than the cheaper disposables
  16. A magnetic makeup palette that can use non-packaged refills
  17. Wooden dish brush
  18. Wooden kitchen implements where practical (e.g. potato brush, pastry brush)


I started making my own (recipes to come in future posts):

  1. Deodorant
  2. Honey face cleanser
  3. Body wash (using bulk castile soap)
  4. Salt spray to tame my curls
  5. Hair spray – out of sugar which is a bit sticky so let’s call this a partial success
  6. Mouthwash
  7. Vanilla kitchen cleaner
  8. Yoghurt using milk from a returnable (reusable) glass bottle
  9. Sourdough bread (although I haven’t been making it much lately)
  10. Muesli/granola from bulk ingredients – its amazing!
  11. Handwash


I stopped:

  1. Buying non-compostable (non-natural fibre) clothing – except for tech gear (e.g. hiking) where I know that the item is perfectly fit for purpose and will last a long time
  2. Using conditioner – I originally tried solid conditioner (which was pretty crap) and then discovered I could do without it entirely! I do use a store bought treatment about once a month and will look for a DIY recipe once it runs out
  3. Using Ziploc bags – (mostly) I use tupperwares
  4. Getting takeaway coffee cups – mostly anyway. I now really, really try to either use my own cup or have the coffee in the café.  Very occasionally I break this rule if I’m crazy caffeine deprived or hangry
  5. Having 2 cars – Mr Imperfect and I downsized to one second-hand car that was better for Tassie conditions
  6. Driving to work – Mostly – we do drive if it’s raining or over the last month because my knee is injured. Otherwise I have loved walking to work this year.
  7. Making crappy decisions in regards to the things I need to purchase (call this a work in progress!)


So not everything was a complete success.   In 2016 I also failed at making:

  1. Beeswax kitchen wraps – I think coconut oil might be the solution and I plan to have a second go over the summer break
  2. Mascara – like massively failed!
  3. Elderflower champagne using elderflowers from my garden
  4. Coconut oil hair treatment
  5. Body wash – I failed at this a few times before I successfully managed to use salt to thicken my diluted castile soap. Adding coconut oil was also a bit of a fail for me


Next year I plan to:

  1. Really, really stop getting takeaway coffee cups – either my own cup or chill out, and sit-down and enjoy
  2. Ditto for take away meals
  3. Try soap nuts for my laundry – or making my own laundry powder
  4. Make my own dishwashing tablets
  5. Make toilet fizzies
  6. Make more cleaning products in general as the old ones run out
  7. Ditto for beauty products
  8. Source refillable makeup products for the things I can’t live without
  9. Work out how to properly make beeswax wraps
  10. Convince Mr Imperfect that we need a greywater system
  11. Succeed with elderflower champagne so I can toast the 2019 New Year!

Happy New Year all

Love Sarah xx



One thought on “New years reflections and goals

  1. Wow, you’ve made some awesome changes!! Nice work. I’m on the process of changing over to more eco-friendly/sustainable living as well. It takes time to switch, doesn’t it?! ^_^


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