DIY honey aloe face wash

Ok – so I’ve made this face wash before using store-bought aloe vera gel and it’s been great.  Today I’m experimenting with using my own home-grown aloe.  It could be a disaster – but I thought I’d share the process anyway.



1/4 cup Aloe vera gel

Almond Oil


Skip steps 1-3 if you’re using store-bought aloe vera (obviously)


  1. Hack at your aloe vera plant – I used 3 fronds

2.  Cut each frond length-ways in half.  Then carefully cut away the clear jelly from each piece.

3. Chop up the jelly to form a gel.  Take care to remove all the green bits.  I was too lazy thinking I could strain it after – I couldn’t – the gel just bubbled and refused to go through the sieve – lame!

4. Add honey and almond oil and combine in container of your choice.  I like these GoToobs.  I know that silicone and plastic isn’t the most sustainable option – but they’re super light for travel and really robust so I plan to use them for many years to come

Update from the shower

So I’ll admit this version of the face wash using my homemade aloe vera gel isn’t as good as when I used store-bought gel.  Yes, it’s closer to zero waste but it comes with delightful chunks (maybe just due to my laziness) and a slightly earthy smell.  It’s not bad – but I will definitely be exploring other options – maybe omitting the aloe entirely.


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